Protect Yourself

Occasionally, someone might scam their way on to our system and pose as a property manager. Their real purpose is to steal your money.

Before negotiating with a manager, keep the following in mind:

  • Do not use a money transfer service (i.e. wiring money).
  • A manager should NEVER charge you prior to visiting a property.
  • Do not negotiate with a manager you cannot meet in person.
  • If you can't be shown the apartment personally, then do not deal with that manager.
  • Be suspicious if the manager is not interested in screening you. Most managers want to know about you and your credit history.
  • Be careful if the landlord says they are not interested in a lease.
  • Be aware if the upfront deposit is ununusally high.
  • If someone claims to be from a local rental organization but is listed as a Private Renter or other manager title, call the rental company to verify their identity.
  • Do not send personal or financial information to anyone without having vetted the manager and signing a lease.

Here are some other articles about rental scams:

Most importantly, if you feel uneasy or suspicious about a property manager, please contact our office immediately. We can remove the user and report the scammer to law enforcement.